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The colours of subjective reality / Les couleurs de la réalité subjective

(English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française) How many colours can you see? And how many colours can you name? In painting, the primary colours are: (cyan) blue, yellow and (magenta) red. For a television set, we talk about “additive” colours: blue, red and green. According to a laboratory experiment in 1998, our…
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Ateliers “Prenez votre carrière en main” (Finance)

Deux dates de présentation (gratuite) pour ces ateliers : mardi 27 mars ou jeudi 29 mars, à 19h, à Paris. Lien doodle pour l’inscription Pour des raisons d’organisation, au moment de l’inscription “Doodle”, merci de m’envoyer un mail avec vos coordonnées téléphoniques : L’évolution de votre carrière dépend de nombreux paramètres : qualités personnelles,…
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Free options and arbitrage / Options gratuites et arbitrage

(English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française) What is an arbitrage or a free option? In a nutshell, it’s a possible positive without the risk of a negative (for a more detailed explanation, see the definition of an option, with premium=0 in our case). Either you get something good or you don’t get…
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Silsa Raymond – Consultant

Après trois longues années à évoluer dans un univers qui ne me correspondait pas, j’ai pu, grâce à la bienveillance de Loïc, trouver en moi la confiance et le courage de changer de voie. Son accompagnement m’a permis de ne pas rester bloquée sur le passé mais plutôt de me concentrer sur mon avenir. Ses méthodes de Coaching,…
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Bonnes résolutions / Good resolutions

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française En cette période de début d’année, livrons-nous à un rapide exercice, en cinq étapes : L’année dernière, à la même période, quelles étaient vos trois principales bonnes résolutions, avouées ou secrètes, précises ou plus vagues ? Étaient-elles proches des exemples suivants : “Prendre en main mon…
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Are you logical? / Êtes-vous logique ?

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française Are you logical? You may be tempted to answer yes, in the sense that your actions and thoughts seems coherent to you. Do you mind if we try a little test? It’s very short, and all you need before you start is a timer (or a…
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What does maen glas mean? / Que signifie maen glas ?

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française In French and English, blue / bleu and green/ vert have the same meaning. However, what is considered an obvious distinction is not so clear-cut elsewhere. In Breton, blue and (vegetal) green translate into a single word: glas, whereas artificial green is gwer. In Russian, there…
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Vade mecum

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française The following posts aim at informing, disconcerting, surprising, amusing you. The articles will be published every two weeks, on Tuesdays, from December, 5th, 2017. If you wish to post on this blog, please contact us ( with a full article or a sketch. Your subject should…
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In order to pursue new horizons, old habits often have to be shaken. And it’s easier to see the present losses than the future gains… However, “change” does not imply “constraint” and it can become a source of many beneficial effects, personally, professionally or as a team. “The problem is the attempted solution” (Paul Watzlawick).


OK, you have the right experience, expertise, education and character. Yet, have you learnt specific managerial techniques beyond the trial-and-error process? Why do your management style work perfectly with some and less so with others? Do you feel that additional tools could sometimes be handy? Do you think that with the exact same people, your…
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