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Derivatives training

Loïc Henry, founder of Maen Glas, has taught derivatives at HEC business school for 15 years, and has designed and carried out training sessions with corporate and financial institutions, on a one-to-one basis and in large groups.

Keywords: vanilla and exotic options, structured products, volatility, Greeks (delta, gamma, vega theta...), smile curves, strategies, FX, foreign-exchange, fixed-income, equities, trading, sales, risk management...


Maen Glas focuses on expert missions in market finance, generally with market participants, risk managers or Comex members, in corporate and investment banks, fund management institutions or financial providers (software or training companies...). Our core competencies include financial products (cross-asset), derivatives and structured products. Our missions are often short, with the final client or in collaboration with other consulting houses. We are not positioned on long (i.e. a year or more) missions.