The following testimonials have been written in French or in English and relate to past and present activities. Some contributors have preferred to remain (fully or semi) anonymous. The testimonials are randomly displayed.

Les témoignages suivants ont été écrits en français ou en anglais et sont liés à des activités passées ou présentes. Certains contributeurs ont préféré demeurer (complètement ou partiellement) anonymes. Les témoignages sont affichés dans un ordre aléatoire.

Testimonials / Témoignages

Loïc was an amazing professor. So much energy and very keen to further students’ interests. His lecture transports you onto a trading floor and gives you the building blocks of derivatives trading. He definitely gave one of the best classes within the HEC Master of Finance.

Nadir Goulamhoussen – Equity derivatives trader – HSBC London

I have known and worked with Loic since 2006. During the last 10 years, as head of sales (be it Forex – France and Cross asset – MENA), I was in a position to interact on a daily basis with him. Through all these years, Loic has proved great technical skills as well as strong management capabilities.
Loic is rigorous, fine tunes every details and more importantly, he is very constant over time. Beyond these personal and technical skills I had a sense he was able to pulse this “conduct of business” to his teammates in a very positive atmosphere.
My professional relationship with Loic was comprehensive and I seize the opportunity to thank him for all he brought to my teams and myself.

Frédéric Teppe – Head of Sales Middle East – Crédit Agricole CIB Dubai

Dirigeant d’une filiale d’un grand groupe depuis 12 ans, à mi-parcours de ma vie professionnelle, j’ai ressenti la nécessité de faire un point sur ma situation professionnelle. Toujours animé de la même motivation et implication pour ma fonction, mais craignant d’entrer dans une routine, l’objectif était d’identifier l’orientation à prendre pour entretenir la « flamme ». Le travail avec Loïc a consisté en la recherche des moteurs de ma motivation et des possibilités de challenges à ma disposition.

Trois axes stratégiques sont ressortis, complémentaires de mon travail de chef d’Entreprise au quotidien. Nous nous sommes concentrés sur une orientation identifiée comme prioritaire, la croissance externe. L’accompagnement a été maintenu durant les mois de lancement de la démarche de croissance externe : identification et qualification des cibles.

Le travail avec Loïc a permis de prendre de la hauteur sur la fonction et sur mes motivations. Les échanges entretenus ont apporté ouverture d’esprit, pertinence dans l’analyse et focus sur l’objectif.

Xavier D.

I managed Loïc directly as a FX option trader in Hong Kong in 1995. He is an energetic self starter with very strong analytical skills, organized, conscentious and very pro active. He also has strong accountability and can be counted on to do the right thing. He has a proven ability to take on significant responsabilities.

Christophe Bouculat – Head of FX Structuring Asia – HSBC Hong Kong

Loic is a very experienced professional with a strong knowledge of financial markets and asset management (fixed income, dynamic money-market and alternative strategies). Loic is also an outstanding and committed specialist of derivatives, especially dedicated to currency markets with a very wide range of skills from asset pricing to markets strategy. Loic is smart but moreover Loic is also a person you can trust, with a very high level of team spirit and honesty.

Yves Maillot – Head of Europe equities – Natixis AM Paris

I first met Loic Henry almost 10 years ago when I became academic director of the HEC MSc in International Finance. Loic taught then, and still teaches today, one of the best appreciated classes of the program (about FX derivatives trading). This is quite a remarkable achievement when one takes into account the extent to which the program has changed during this period. Ten years ago indeed, the program was taught in French and the student population was very homogeneous (graduates from French engineering school) while now, the program is exclusively taught in English with ~90% international students from very diverse backgrounds.

Besides his qualities as a lecturer, Loïc has been an important contributer to the program in at least two other respects:
* As a mentor for the many former students he hired and helped groom for leadership positions on trading desks in US, Europe and Asia.
* As a frequent member of admission jurys, where he always strove to get the best out of candidates interviewed

I thus wholeheartedly recommend Loic as a passionate, dedicated and benevolent professional.

Jacques Olivier – Professor of faculty, Dean of faculty – HEC Paris

I have known Loïc since 1995 as a bright trainee, managed him as a dedicated consultant and followed his path as a successful trader and a very promising writer. The great potential he was has turned into a very efficient and complete professional and a man with great human values. Loïc, it is a pleasure to work with you and to share ideas / test solutions on the problems of our world. I know that everything you choose to do will be a success. All the best!

Hady Farah – Founder – Hiram Finance Paris

Il est souvent rapporté que la meilleure école est celle de la vie. Les rencontres qu’on y fait sont alors les phares qui nous aident à nous diriger dans la nuit. M. Henry fut l’une de ces rencontres pour moi. Travailler sur mon développement avec sa supervision fut une expérience éclairante. Précis et soigné, son coaching m’a permis de mettre en lumière les zones d’ombres qui m’empêchaient d’aller de l’avant.
S’investir en soi et se réinventer sont des tâches difficiles. Elles le sont bien moins quand on est accompagné par un professionnel de cette qualité. Merci à lui.

Marc D.

I was extremely lucky to come across Loïc Henry at an early stage of my carrier. I had the pleasure to work with Loïc for 2 years when he was heading the Fixed Income and FX Arbitrage desk at Barep Asset Management. Loïc is a very knowledgeable, very well organized and a very dedicated professional who combines technical skills with genuine managerial abilities. He has always demonstrated a very high level of integrity and he is among the rare people who actually care about others. I have learnt a lot under his supervision and I am very pleased we’re still in touch despite the distance.

Guillaume Postic – Portfolio manager – Norges Bank Singapore

Après trois longues années à évoluer dans un univers qui ne me correspondait pas, j’ai pu, grâce à la bienveillance de Loïc, trouver en moi la confiance et le courage de changer de voie. Son accompagnement m’a permis de ne pas rester bloquée sur le passé mais plutôt de me concentrer sur mon avenir. Ses méthodes de Coaching, très professionnelles et très structurées, mais surtout sa capacité de compréhension m’ont fait gagner en efficacité et en maturité. Grâce aux nombreuses choses que j’ai apprises à mon sujet et aux méthodes transmises, je suis plus sereine tant dans mon activité professionnelle que dans ma vie personnelle. Et enfin, j’avance…
Merci Loïc pour ton accompagnement qui m’a beaucoup aidée et appris, et merci également pour cette belle rencontre !

Silsa Raymond – Consultant

Le plus important est de comprendre que ce n’est pas le “coach” qui avance , mais c’est bien toi qui vas de l’avant. En revanche le coach va t’orienter sur le chemin à choisir. Pour cela, il faut répondre aux questions du coach. J’ai contacté Loïc pour mon orientation professionnelle en première, cela me fut bénéfique. C’était bien la première fois que je passais 1h30 à 2h à réfléchir sur ma carrière future et à approfondir les points qui me semblaient importants. Cela m’a aidé à choisir mon orientation pour ne pas regretter plus tard de mauvaises décisions
Mon coaching pourrait se découper en 4 phases : recherche de mes valeurs, recherche des métiers en corrélation avec elles, comparaison des choix, choix final.
Loïc écoute toutes les propositions et dirige les choix, et si celui-ci est difficile il nous aide à la réflexion.
Après onze séances, j’ai réussi à définir mon avenir et je le remercie grandement pour son aide.

Matthieu D.

I have known Loic for over 9 years. We had a professional relationship : first Salesman / Structurer, and thereafter Customer / Structured products supplier. I appreciate his professionalism and his technical skills on derivatives and structuring. Besides, Loïc is someone you can trust.

Julien Ogeron – Wealth manager – Indosuez Luxembourg

I have known Loic for years. He has a very rigorous mind, with many skills, particularly in derivatives, cross-asset. He has an entrepreneurial mindset, is curious, straightforward, and likes to go in detail of the topics. He is extremely well organized and requires the same from the teams he manages. His teams like him, since he is fair and challenges them. I strongly recommend him and I am free to discuss with anyone if needed.

Christine Lefort – Co-Head of Global market transformation – CA CIB London

Je suis très contente de ma rencontre avec le coaching. Loïc m’a permis de trouver mes propres solutions pour reprendre une activité physique régulière et adaptée à mon mode de vie et mes contraintes et cela de manière durable. Merci Loïc.

Valérie M.

I had the chance to work with Loic for 4 years when he joined Barep AM to head the FI and FX arbitrage desk in 2001, while I was with the emerging markets team. His dedication, work ethic and integrity were unquestioned within the firm. He has a very sharp mind and a strong knowledge of fixed income and derivatives products. Loic is rigorous, focused but still full of creativity and innovation.
On top of his outstanding technical skills, Loic is a pleasure to work with. He is unassuming and humble and always plays for the team. On a personal level, I value his advice very highly when I need to take life-changing professional decisions.
I am pleased to offer my warmest recommendation to Loic.

Anice El Amrani – Portfolio manager Emerging markets – APG AM Netherlands