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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself – Leo Tolstoy

Bitcoin : motivations, écologie, fongibilité / rationale, ecology and fungibility

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française Quand j’ai publié l’article sur “Bitcoin, or ou piège digital” en janvier 2018, j’ai reçu de nombreuses réponses. A l’époque, le Bitcoin valait 14500 $; maintenant il est dans la zone des 4000 $. Les trois questions et remarques les plus fréquentes étaient : #1 Pourquoi les gens achètent-ils des Bitcoins […]

Which (first) job should I target? / Quel (premier) emploi dois-je viser ?

(English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française) Note: in this article, I’ll take examples in the financial industry, but it also apply elsewhere, including for more senior positions. When I give my last course at HEC, I leave my mail, in case students have questions. By far, the most common question in the past ten years starts with: […]

Ateliers “Prenez votre carrière en main” (Finance)

Deux dates de présentation (gratuite) pour ces ateliers : mardi 27 mars ou jeudi 29 mars, à 19h, à Paris. Lien doodle pour l’inscription Pour des raisons d’organisation, au moment de l’inscription “Doodle”, merci de m’envoyer un mail avec vos coordonnées téléphoniques : L’évolution de votre carrière dépend de nombreux paramètres : qualités personnelles, expérience, diplômes, vie familiale, réseau, […]

Free options and arbitrage / Options gratuites et arbitrage

(English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française) What is an arbitrage or a free option? In a nutshell, it’s a possible positive without the risk of a negative (for a more detailed explanation, see the definition of an option, with premium=0 in our case). Either you get something good or you don’t get anything. Wouldn’t it be amazing […]

What does maen glas mean? / Que signifie maen glas ?

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française In French and English, blue / bleu and green/ vert have the same meaning. However, what is considered an obvious distinction is not so clear-cut elsewhere. In Breton, blue and (vegetal) green translate into a single word: glas, whereas artificial green is gwer. In Russian, there is no word for blue, […]

Vade mecum

English and French versions / Versions anglaise et française The following posts aim at informing, disconcerting, surprising, amusing you. The articles will be published every two weeks, on Tuesdays, from December, 5th, 2017. If you wish to post on this blog, please contact us ( with a full article or a sketch. Your subject should relate to coaching, sociology or […]

Derivatives training

Loïc Henry, founder of Maen Glas, has taught derivatives at HEC business school for 15 years, and has designed and carried out training sessions with corporate and financial institutions, on a one-to-one basis and in large groups. Keywords: vanilla and exotic options, structured products, volatility, Greeks (delta, gamma, vega theta…), smile curves, strategies, FX, foreign-exchange, fixed-income, equities, trading, sales, risk […]


Maen Glas focuses on expert missions in market finance, generally with market participants, risk managers or Comex members, in corporate and investment banks, fund management institutions or financial providers (software or training companies…). Our core competencies include financial products (cross-asset), derivatives and structured products. Our missions are often short, with the final client or in collaboration with other consulting houses. […]