All demands, whether personal or professional, individual or collective, are relevant. We are more focused in the following fields, but we have a fair number of interventions outside these topics.

(Face-to-face / Video / Telephone)

What’s in for you ?


In order to pursue new horizons, old habits often have to be shaken. And it's easier to see the present losses than the future gains...

However, "change" does not imply "constraint" and it can become a source of many beneficial effects, personally, professionally or as a team.

"The problem is the attempted solution" (Paul Watzlawick).


OK, you have the right experience, expertise, education and character.

Yet, have you learnt specific managerial techniques beyond the trial-and-error process? Why do your management style work perfectly with some and less so with others? Do you feel that additional tools could sometimes be handy? Do you think that with the exact same people, your activity could become more efficient? Or more fulfilling? Or both?

Stressful environments

maen glas is specialized is stressful environments, especially when quick answers are nonetheless needed. It may concern: startups, medicine & surgery, the political world, law firms, financial or industrial companies... and a myriad of situations, personal and professional.

There is no "plug-and-play" solution, only your own personal situation that requires a unique journey.

Workshops & mentoring

Workshops provide tools, techniques and postures in professionnal and personal areas: organization, communication traps, oral and written presentations... Mentors generally have an experience in the relevant field (sector, managing responsabilities...) and discussions induce more suggestions. Coachings, workshops and mentoring vary in length.